Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blop vs. the Cyclops on Kindle!

After a lot of time spent carefully re-formatting the popular comic Blop vs. the Cyclops for a digital format, Alex Hahn Publishing is proud to announce the release of Blop vs. the Cyclops for Kindle!

"The Amazon Kindle comes with its own set of challenges and benefits for displaying image content...While it's tempting to just recreate the page layout on-screen, this can lead to low resolution hard-to-read images, even when the actual resolution of the images was greater than the files the physical version was printed from. The shape of the screen lends itself quite well to the rectangular format of the panels, so choosing a panel-by-panel approach seemed the best option -the panel almost fills the entire screen in landscape mode! This allowed for much more detail and clarity in the images. The older Kindle devices display only single panels (the Kindle fire should display two, in portrait mode) so as the reader turns the page, the panels can be seen to animate, especially in the sequences using moment-to-moment transitions. I'm excited about how this book looks and the format makes reading the story a different experience -to its merit- from the physical book and will the the bar I set for all future digital adaptations of my works."

Blop vs. the Cyclops is available to download straight to your Kindle for less than £2!! Get yours now!