Sunday 20 November 2011

Release: Space Please! -Alex Hahn [Small Press, Zine]

Ttile: Space Please!

Author: Alex Hahn
Illustrator: Alex Hahn
Series: Blop-Everyone's favourite Martian*

Published: 01/11/11
Publisher: Alex Hahn Publishing [Small Press]
Edition: Limited edition of 100, numbered.

Format: Set of three 'poster book' zines
Dimensions: A7
Binding: Folding, bellyband
Details: Fully illustrated; Small black and white illustrations throughout and 3 A4 black and white posters. Printed onto various colours of sugar paper and collected at random to make each set even more unique.

This colourful little set contains three copies of an eight-page zine about one man's attempts to reach outer space. Each of the three booklets folds out to become a different A4 poster (ie. one copy to read, one to display and one to give a friend or any combination thereof...)
Availability: Out of print

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*Blop makes some cameo appearances in the set.