Monday 26 September 2016

Poster/Zine: Alex's PIKA-TASTIC Zine

Ttile: Alex Hahn's Unofficial PIKA-TASTIC Pokémon Tie-in Zine
(aka. Pika-Tastic Zine)

Author: Alex Hahn
Illustrator: Alex Hahn
Series: Pokémon (unofficial); Poster/Zine

Published: 26/09/2016

Publisher: Alex Hahn [Small Press]
Edition: Open edition

Pages: 8, plus A4 poster
Dimensions: 75mm x 105mm (A7)
Binding: Folded Pamphlet with bellyband
Details: Fully illustrated; Monochrome

Fuelled by a summer of nostalgia, catching 'em all over again, Alex's PIKA-TASTIC zine features original, humorous, cartoons based around several of the popular (and less popular) Pokémon characters. The A6 size zine unfolds into an A4 poster-size scene of Pokémon Go players set in the world of the original Red and Blue Gameboy games.
Printed on high-quality 120gsm coloured paper and hand-folded and finished. Available in two colour combinations
-Blue zine with yellow bellyband
-Yellow zine with blue bellyband

Availability: in-print

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