Thursday 14 November 2013

Zine: That Takes The Cake -Alex Hahn

Ttile: That Takes The Cake

Subtitle: Alex Hahn's tasty zine of monster muffin mash-ups

Author: Alex Hahn
Illustrator: Alex Hahn
Series: Muffnut & pals

Published: 14/11/2013
Publisher: Alex Hahn Small Press
Edition: Open; Available on various colour papers

Pages: 2 sides
Dimensions: 210mm x 148mm
Binding: Folded Pamphlet
Details: Illustrated both sides

A6 folded zine, folds out into two posters!
One side features a selection of characters that are all muffin/food combinations (Introducing the Muffnut, the Cruffin...) and the reverse has one big image of all the characters in a display case, wreaking havoc on the existing cakes.
Following all the humour around the Starbucks 'Duffin' scandal or, Duffingate, as it was known.
Availability: in-print

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