Thursday, 20 November 2014

Release: Post Conatus: GOING HOME -Alex Hahn [Unrequited Books, Small Press]

Ttile: Post Conatus: GOING HOME

Author: Alex Hahn
Illustrator: Alex Hahn
Series: Post Conatus

Published: 17/11/14
Publisher: Unrequited Books [Small Press]
Edition: First edition of 100, signed and numbered (currant)

Pages: 40
Dimensions: 145mm x 200mm
Binding: Paperback/Pamphlet
Details: Fully illustrated; wraparound cover; printed on 115gsm uncoated silk paper (cover 300gsm)

Follow the 'life and times of Alex Hahn' in this new collection of autobiographical stories, spanning a year where Alex moved back in with his parents, looks for love in all the wrong places and meets the Karma Penguin.
Availability: in-print

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Space Please! Edition sold through

Good morning.

This week has been quite busy, with the Thought Bubble convention at the weekend, publishing a new Post Conatus book and getting ready for another show at the weekend in Brighton.

I just wanted to flag up, and celebrate, the fact that my most popular zine, Space Please! just sold out!! The very last copy was snapped up from BlopShop on Monday. Its a sad, but pleasant feeling to see an edition of work sell through. If you missed your chance to get a copy, fear not as a sequel is nearing completion, which, I think, takes the format and the character to a whole new level. I can't wait to show you!

In the mean time, you can find all my books and zines over at BlopShop, my official Etsy store!

All the best,