Saturday 18 May 2013

To infinity...and Utah!

it's either the care in the design that people are interested in, or maybe the character, or both.

After a great week's sales of Space Please! -the limited edition zine about one man's quest to reach space- Alex Hahn Small Press is excited to announce that work is underway for a follow-up:

"'Space Please!' has always been one of my most successful books, accounting for most of my sales on Etsy; I've literally sent copies all over the world! I'm really happy that so many people have responded to this little set.
In 2011 I had made a set of cartoons for an article in a science magazine: the subject was the space elevator, which is exciting, but the article wasn't -only description and explanation of the various ways it might be built. To me, the underlying theme of the piece was getting people into space, so I wanted to take a humorous approach to compliment the arid article... to the editor, a photograph seemed more appropriate. I had fun working on those little sketches (I made all of them in an A6 Moleskine whilst at my Sunday job at the museum) and wanted to get them out there.
University piqued my interest in zines and batch publishing, so I saw this as an opportunity to make something a little different to a small white photocopied booklet with a staple in the spine and some funny scribbles inside. I played with quite a bit of paper and eventually came out with this set of three zine/posters on colourful paper that looked like nothing I had seen before. I think it's either the care in the design that people are interested in, or maybe the character, or both.
I've resisted making a similar set for quite a while as I don't want to make something that would feel formulaic, or flippant. So I let the idea of a Space Please sequel sit in my head until recently. I've been playing with lots of paper again and hopefully I'll come out with something that looks as nice -or better!
I can say, so far, that the new zine(s) will have a more narrative focus, be bigger in size and each booklet will work in a unique way...but as for a release date: keep watching the skies!"
-Alex Hahn 18.5.13

Space Please has been bought by customers all across the world including: France, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand!
For now, there are still copies available from Etsy. Keep checking back here for news of its sequel as well as other great books and zines from Alex Hahn!